To simply view photos -

  • If you have a Gallery ID code simply enter it above.
  • or click on the link in email invite and enter password.



If you want copies of any photo:

1) First - You will need to set up a Client Account.  You can do this before you receive an invite.

  • Click on Login at bottom of this page to create an account.
  • Required info
    • Your name (Critically needed so I can find you in the list to communicate.  Accounts submitted without your name will be deleted as they are not usable to me)
    • Email address
    • A password of your choice



Once you have a Client Account

1) Click on the link provided in the email invite you received.

2) You can save you favorites by "Liking" it by clicking on the heart icon on the photo

  • to submit a list of selections for processing please create a collection.

3) Send me an email to tell me your collection (Favorite list) is done and ready for my review.